Hate my new granite!!! This whole process has been a nightmare :(

6 years ago
I'm really trying not to get so worked up about this, but it's hard not to. I made SO many trips to the granite yard (dragging my 2 young kids along) to find the *Perfect* granite and when I thought I found it, after it's installed I see that it is not at all the look I was going for. I feel like the granite is way too light and has greenish undertones, while my cabinets and floor have red/orange undertones. What a gross combination :( Since financially I do not have the option for new counters, I'm trying to figure out a backsplash and paint color that will help me minimize the green in the counters and bring out the warmer undertones. Please help. Once again, I'm trying not to take this too seriously...I know there are so many people out there that have much bigger and more serious problems than kitchen design. However, I have spent MONTHS ever so carefully repainting the cabinets, adding trim, adding crown molding, and picking out granite only to be sorely disappointed by the results. I've been sick to my stomach the last 3 days since the granite was installed. I appreciate your help.

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