Different methods.

12 years ago


I thought this might be a good forum to discuss various methods of culturing plants. Obviously here the first difference is using a I live in S. Florida and many plants generally considered 'house plants' are used as

yard plants The only types I grow in the house are in a paludarium under artificial light.

One that I constantly run accross that seems so different from my own experience is water culture. Growing in water rather than soil.. I have grown a Ficus benjamina in standing water since 1982 and is still going strong. It was originally intended to become a Bonsai but when everybody started telling me it can't live in nothing but water . Decided to see lol Any other experiences with long term water culture.??

Another is using water as a media to start cuttings. I use several different methods but this one seems to give me the greatest succcess with many different kinds.

I push the cutting through a piece of styrofoam and place in a stocked aquarium. The number of times it works seems to be about 10 times an ordinary glass of water.

Any other methods you find work well??? gary

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