What do you get.....

Kathryn Botard
March 22, 2009

When you have an old wood ladder, old wooden table legs, old wood windows and an old light shade?

A plant stand, a bird bath, a fence and a corner definer.

My sweet peas are slowly growing onto the fence. The corner definer is something I made up because I didn't know what else to call it. I have 3 old wood table legs in the corner of my front yard to let people know they shouldn't cut the corner so sharp when turning. I used up most of the old wood windows to build a fence around my tomato plants and lettuce to keep the critters out.


Comments (15)

  • use2bcapecodr

    Whoohoo!! Fantastic!!

    I especially love the fence! It's really cool!!

    I have a lot of old windows and may just have to copy that! What did you use to fasten the windows together?


  • Kathryn Botard

    Screws. It was all nice and straight for a while, but then started to droop. I had already put the wire fence behind it for the plants to climb on, so I made it sturdier with some of those plastic fasteners. The wrap kind.

  • cait1

    Busy gal!! Love the bird bath. What a great re-use of those old ceiling light shades. How sturdy is that glass? The ones they have here in Australia are pretty thin and I don't remember how thick the ones in America are.

  • jeannespines

    Love it all! Rustic! Rustic! & your painted windows are so perfect for a fence! Won't even see that propane tank with your plantings! Great fence idea for your veggies also! And love the table legs! Great ideas! Jeanne S.

  • goldenpond

    Love that fence!

  • susiewantsroses

    Charming Country Style!!! Very inviting. susie

  • Kathryn Botard

    Thank you so much for all your kind words. I have a few more table legs for future projects. I got them at an estate sale for 3 bucks. Here is a front view of that fence.

  • luna_llena_feliz

    What a great idea for the fence! The wooden table legs look like architectural pieces. I just love worn carved wood! And I love your old rustic "plant stand!" I might have to look for an old wooden ladder for my balcony. Thanks for sharing your pics!

  • concretenprimroses

    Love your projects. I wish I could get dh to let me do that with his old wooden 4 foot step ladder. its dangerous to stand on. I love the window fence/trellis. What a great idea.

  • Purplemoon

    To answer your "what do you get....."
    I think you get a lot of envy, LOL. I love it all.
    I do have an old rickety wood ladder like that a friend gave me several yrs ago. I was so thrilled to get one.
    I painted mine purple (go figure) and put birdhouses on it for decoration.


  • katishooked

    Great ideas using found supplies. I think my fav is the fence at the front and by the house. They look like they belong.


  • Barbara Kelly

    Darling fence. How cute, I love the ladder on the porch with pots. Very creative use for table legs, I love it.
    Just charming.
    You get an A+
    thats what you get...lol

  • tennesseetrash

    Really pretty fence. Everything's pretty! ~tenderlee

  • Kathryn Botard

    I didn't answer some questions so here goes.
    cait1: The light shade is pretty thin. I've banged it around a few times and it never broke so even tho it is thin, it's durable.
    Concreteprimrose, buy your dh a new stronger ladder for his and your safety. Then maybe he'll let you use his ol' wood one. ~smile~
    purplemoon: I think that's a great idea! I may add some bird houses to mine. Some folks even use old ladders for towels in the bathroom or hanging quilts!
    Sandy: I used deck screws, but like I said, the fence will eventually sag so you will need to add more posts or do like I did and use those plastic tie wraps with a wire fence. Thinking back, I should have used 2 more fence posts, but I wanted a more open look.

  • Marlene Kindred

    I TOTALLY LOVE your projects!! The table legs are just awesome! Love the bird feeder and your "window" fence is just too cool! What great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing them!

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