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Do you have a Flower Bed?

Kathryn Botard
March 31, 2009

I am thinking about using one of my iron beds as a flower bed but am not sure. Has anyone here made a flower bed out of a real bed? I've seen some and they are adorable. I guess I could just put the bed together and see what it would look like in the yard.

Please post pictures if you have any, Thanks!

Comments (18)

  • dkline_2008

    I have one but its dark out right now. I'll take a pic and post it in the morning. Of course , the plants have not really come out of dormancy yet so it wont look as good as it does in the summer.

  • laurastheme

    I had one at the house we sold a couple years ago. I used a headboard and footboard. My husband attached them to a wooden bed sized box. Then I painted flowers 'flower bed' on one of the boards. I probably have a photo somewhere, but not sure if I can find it.

  • luvs2click

    I don't have a flower bed myself, but here are some shots taken of my friend's. This was originally an iron baby crib that they took apart and used as a headboard and footboard. The last picture is obviously later in the season.



  • cindee11461

    I have one but am redoing it with grasses. So no pictures yet(-: I also have a water feature with a bed frame. I love the above pictures(-:

  • spedigrees z4VT

    luvs, your friend's flower bed is just gorgeous! I love those old ornate metal head/foot boards. Just beautiful!

  • dkline_2008

    Here's mine. This was taken a couple of years ago. Its much fuller now.
    Sorry the picture is so small.

  • backyardmom

    My neighbor gave me a small metal bed about 3wks ago.Can't wait to plant in it.I am going to plant wave petunias in it...

  • cindee11461

    I have been looking at flower beds and found this

  • dkline_2008

    Oh my!! That is awesome!! I want one like that now. Wow. I"m in awe!! That took alot of work. Very nice.

  • fldirt

    OMG!! That is awesome. Makes me want to go out & find an old bed but I can't draw or paint.

  • Kathryn Botard

    Oh my gosh, I haven't visited in a while. Life is starting to overtake me. Cindee that is an awesome garden. Is that, is that a waterfall in a frame or old window?

  • tulipfarmer

    I love these beds!
    We made one last year using an old headboard and
    footboard and the bed was old concrete blocks.

  • cindee11461

    That is a fountain in a mirror. I think that is so cool. Not sure how they did it but looks like someone could figure it out here(-:

    Your bed is beautiful! What does the sign say?

    CiNdEeS' GaRdEn

  • kterlep

    Please just be sure that it's "junk" - I was given an old iron bed (rusty and gross) that I wire-brushed and painted. It's in my daughter's room, and a friend recently told me it was worth at least $700.

    But those beds are GORGEOUS!

  • Kathryn Botard

    kterlep, is your iron bed really heavy? I wouldn't put one like that in the yard either. I have 2 lightweight iron beds, maybe metal that aren't worth anything.

  • luna_llena_feliz

    You know what I have been seeing in magazines? Raised beds made to look like a bed planted with grass. They are made to be used as an outdoor bed to lie on! I can't find a picture on the internet to show as an example but they seem very cool.

  • kblake1985

    OMG! I LOVE that wooden flower bed! I WANT one! It's just so full and luscious!

    I LOVE the metal beds too, but I'm really drawn to the wooden!

  • cait1

    Cindee, that pic is AWESOME!!! And I love your blog... haven't read it all and will when I have more time.

    I have a wooden bed I found on trash day in the garage that I was going to use for another bed bench but after seeing that pic may use it for a flower bed instead.

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