Update on Old Doors Arbor

12 years ago

Just wanted to send a couple pics to show progress of the old doors arbor...the link below is the original from June 6th. A couple days later I added a "Pretty Crimson Mandevilla" bushy plant and Purplemoon's green glass is that pic (from June 8th):


Now I've moved that white lilac bush that was in front of the arbor the back by shed...the empty spot is where I want to put "seating" of some sort...still on the hunt for something...chair or plain bench...would love to find one of those old ice cream chairs like I've seen some of you GJers' found...or a white wrought iron??? Here's a pic from front view today (you can see the Knock-Out Rose...grown some & also White Cleome shot up from 3" plants!


Here's a view from backside...that's a "Quick Fire Hydrangea" I planted in '07 by the metal flowers white, then pink, then red...a great bush!


And here's that beautiful Mandevilla bushy plant...I am in awe that it grew for me! I baby it and give it water every day (as I was told)!


And I added a "sun" (cast iron) & spray painted it red...on the wren house nearby:


Will one of you please send me "your" ice cream chair? I've seen some beauties in this forum! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Door Arbor Complete link

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