New Arbor Bird Sanctuary

12 years ago

A few weeks ago we had our big maple tree (double-trunked) cut down in front of our sad...had been dying for over 2 yrs. & lots of big dead branches over our roof...we built our house near this tree in early 70's.

So, this is what it looked like out our LR window where we watch & feed the birds.


So we added another section of split rail fence and built this can see a bit of GJers ideas here...the old wood crate in backgrd on top of stump...and stepping stones made from the old Maple. Hooks are holding a couple feeders but will disappear soon.


The next week we got a new feeder hung (made of recycled wood & glass) DH made it and the next day the snow fell.


A little goldfinch found the feeder...and many juncos have been eating cracked corn on the stumps. My son helped put the arbor top on and said, "Mom, you can't build a tree!" It is TALL so that we can watch the birds thru the LV window where these pics are taken from.

No, I can't build a tree...but I moved a couple bushes to this new bird sanctuary...a leather leaf bush & mugo pine & planted a purple colored decorative spring we will add a new Maple or Oak on the other side of the fence. We hope the birds will find the new feeders.

Whoa, enough said...thanks for letting me share & I would appreciate any add'l ideas you have for this area. I thought I would like to add a window on left side...but it would need to be pane-less...want everything open for the BIRDS! Jeanne S. (and maybe a "rain chain"...need instr's.)

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