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How to flush chainsaw oil tank?

July 2, 2013

My neighbors Stihl 020T (great saw) is not getting oil to the chain. I have the oil hose and pickup out and cleaned up. The manual says to flush the oil tank, but I am not sure what to flush it with. When I drained the oil, a bunch of crap came out with the oil, so I probably should clean out the tank before reassembling. Any ideas what i can use to flush the oil tank clean?

Thanks for the assistance.

Comments (4)
  • 1saxman

    Got any old lamp oil or charcoal lighter? Pour some in, swish it around, repeat until it comes out clean. Let it air out awhile before putting bar oil back in. I actually pour my unused oil back into the bottle after finishing with the saw. If I don't, it leaks out.

  • mustangm

    Thanks for the reply saxman. Based on info I read in another forum, i poured some fuel mixture in several times and shook it up. I was surprised the amount of wood chips that came out. What was my neighbor thinking? I had trouble inserting the pickup/hose in the way the service manual wanted, but I was able to fish it thru backward thru the oil cap. The thread I read said to fill the oil tank with fuel/oil mix, start up the saw and verify that the oil pump was pushing the mix thru. I saw nothing come out. JUST to confirm that I was looking at the correct spot, the oil pump is connected to this black plug and the plug is adjacent to a slot in the case where I think the oil is suppose to flow. Is that correct?

    SO if the oil tank is clean and the oil line/pickup are clean, what is the next step? Do I remove the oil pump and plug? If so, do I need to take apart the whole oil pump and clean the parts and put it back together again? I am getting into an area where I have never been before. Thanks for the support and assistance.

  • 1saxman

    Sorry, I don't have any experience with a pumped bar oil system. However, I would look at a parts diagram to see the thing works. maybe it lost it's prime or something.

  • ewalk

    Mustang: Normally Stihl units have a Duck bill valve attached to the oil suction line. It is a oneway valve allowing oil to the pump under suction from the Piston driven pump via a worm gear drive off the clutch. Kersosene or lamp oil is normally used to flush the oil tank and pump and delivery lines. If your lines and bar grooves are clean behind the bar plate all should be good. Otherwise you may require an new pump.

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