Found a bug on my daughters bed a tiny yellow worm?

September 22, 2011

Found a bug on my daughters bed a tiny clear yellow worm?

it seemed to be less than half an inch, it was a soft solid yellow color. it wasnt thick. what could it be? and how did it get there? my daughter never eats in her bed. it didnt seem to have hair it was also a pale yellow a little thicker than a rice grain, and its shape was similar.

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  • terestrife

    also, its skin was not rubbery, but soft as when my husband pressed on it with a paper it squished and became tiny easily.

  • rosiew

    Unless you look through an insect book, don't think you'll ever know. This was probably caught on her skirt or shorts when she was outdoors.

  • terestrife

    can it be a maggot?

  • gargwarb

    The description sounds like a maggot to me too.
    Impossible to know without seeing it though.
    You will find them in the oddest places. What often happens is something like a mouse or rat will die in a wall or attic and a fly lays its eggs. When the larvae pupate they need a dry place so they'll crawl away from the "scene of the crime", popping out of little cracks and seams, landing who knows where.

  • Tiffany, purpleinopp Z8b Opp, AL

    Anything with wings usually has a "worm" or "caterpillar" stage in its' development. It could have fallen off of a tree overhanging the house or crawled to the house from some other nearby plant.

    If you notice little miller moths flying around inside your house, you may want to investigate your food pantry for a compromised package that could be harboring those.

  • terestrife

    if it is a maggot should i be concerned that there might be more in her room? and will they harm her?

  • gargwarb

    If it is a maggot then there could possibly be more or that one could have just been particularly adventurous. The odds that any harm would come of it are next to none.

  • terestrife

    OK thanks!

  • rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

    Do you have pets?

    If you truly want any chance of ID from this forum, you'll need to take some good images and post them here. Your 'bug' could be one of zillion things. We certainly can't speculate how it got in your daughter's bed without knowing what it is.

  • madibuckley22

    Does it look like this? I just found at least 60 in my bed...so disgusting

  • Robin Smith

    madibuckley, did you figure out what it is?

  • Katie Willis-Oeltjen

    Need help identifying a bug here

  • jjlaredo

    Madibuckley- did you ever find out what this is? We have same issue- only found one or two in bed.

  • wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana

    I suggest a pantry moth larva.

  • nancyalanna

    Madibuckley fid you ever find out what they were. I too just found some in my bedding and now under my bed??? Help?? Don't know if they are beetle larvae??

  • Jean

    Need better close-ups.

    Or take samples to your county's Extension Service Office for a 1st-hand ID. Use this interactive map to locate your office: http://npic.orst.edu/pest/countyext.htm

  • susanzone5 (NY)

    Bedbug larva in above photo, based on google search images.

  • rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

    Bed bugs don't evolve from larvae but as tiny, but similar nymphs. The photo is not a bed bug nymph.

  • susanzone5 (NY)

    Well, I learned something new! Can't trust Google images. I guess there are some weird insects living in people's beds.

  • Austin Cate

    Carpet beetle also known as bow bugs

  • Linda Wood

    moved with friend little over month ago realized his house infested with bedbugs I believe I killed them I threw living room furniture out I even pulled the carpet out but I have these lil brown worm looking things coming out of linen clothes what what ccan get rid of

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