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Leaf blower noise, trying to be neighborly

November 6, 2010

We live in a normal,, suburban town...

What time in the morning would you say,, is ok to crank up that hand held leaf blower in the a.m????

This is the first time in my life,, that some new neighboprs asked me start about an hour later,,, on Saturday..

I know what I should do,, but..

I am not sure of their circumstances, even then it should not matter; if you work first shirt etc and dontt start work till 9 or or so,, and enjoy your sleep,,,how would you like it if I told you,, "well,, maybe you should go to bed earlier",, etc..

Personally, I dont think there should be a problem with 8 a.m sharp...

your thoughts..


"sort" of pissed off in CT..

Comments (34)

  • goren

    I'm with you, 8.00 a.m. isn't that early that it should bother anybody.....but, if a neighbor asked if I could start at 9.00 I'd bow to their wishes considering the question was put nicely and its no big problem starting the hour later.

    As a matter of habit, I do begin to mow my lawns at 8.00...usually finishing about 10.00 that part of the job including the finishing touches on edging and depositing the clippings into the compost.
    But I do say that noise makers like the blowers should be outlawed before noon so that people who work all week, relax on Saturdays,have at least some quiet time on a Saturday. Of course, Sunday use is for heathens who have no consideration for others.

  • bpgreen

    There's an ordinance in my town that restricts loud noises from 11 PM to 6 AM, so technically, you'd be okay as early as 6 here. I'm a night owl, so I'm glad none of my neighbors start at 6, but if I were really sleeping in and somebody started mowing at 8, I think I'd take it in stride.

    You may want to Google something like noise ordinance Yourtown CT to see if they restrict noise before 9, but I don't think 8 is too early.

    If your neighbors work an odd shift and don't get home from WORK until 1 or 2, that's one thing, and if I were in your shoes I might cut them some slack but if they're up partying or surfing the net, that's another thing.

  • eriocaulon

    I personally try to avoid anything after 8pm or before 9am. I think if your neighbor is asking nicely, why not just wait the extra hour?

  • jimrac

    Thanks all, I appreciate your thoughts.

    The iss ue is this eriocaulon,,,everyone ehas their quirks and issues; and where does it end; for isntance, I happen to be an early bird; we hav ean ordinace in town, that states the snow should be removed from your sidewalk within 24 hours after the end of the storm; siome do it,, some dont.

    But lets say for instance; I am out in the morning, and like to walk on "cleared sidewalks"....Now would it be ok, proper, neighborly etc,,, to approach these people and say,, "hey do mind clearing off your sidewalk a bit earlier so it can safe for me".. I would never ask such request, But I think society is becoming a bunch of whiners, complainers and very fickle at best.

    There is no noise ordinace in town..But bottom line is this, this is no great inconvenience to someone,,if it happens to ccur,, for an hour a two,, out of the whole year; so it disturbs your beauty sleep, whats the big whoop.

    Or even further, requesting from these people, hey instead of waiting 2 months hence, would raking your leaves more frequently so they dont blow all over my property? Once again, I would go therough the annoyance of it, but I think you get my drift.

  • graywings123

    I do not use my electric leaf blower before 10 AM on a weekend and would only mow the lawn earlier if weather conditions forced me.

    You think "society is becoming a bunch of whiners," I think it is becoming coarser and less mannered.

  • kevingalaxy

    9am at the earliest, and dont let it get to you. I think you can start at 9am and just forget about your neighbors otherwise it will drive you nuts and it isnt worth it. I agree it's a cheeky request but at the end of the day dont let their stupid request irritate you more than it should, i am sure they dotn even think about it anymore!! Hope that helps!!

  • cliff27

    9 AM. Hope it's not a gas blower. They should be outlawed everywhere!

  • ditnc

    Agree with 9AM at the earliest on a weekend. It's the day for people who have to get up at 6AM all week to sleep in if they want to. Not everyone is an early riser.

  • metal

    Sounds like you just wanted to rant a bit. Hope it helped to get it off your chest.

  • bpgreen

    I think it's interesting that although I'm a night owl and like to sleep in, I'm one of the more sympathetic voices here.

    Since you say you're trying to be neighborly, how much would it hurt to wait an hour? Are there other tasks that are quieter that you normally do later but could do during that hour?

  • jimrac

    Thanks once again to all. In conclusion,, yes I will acquiesce and /or adjust, and yes it is a gas blower..

    However, I sincerely feel, peoples work schedules, sleep habits, desires are not the issue here. As i stated, is 8:00am too early.. No matter what someone does or doesnt do, someone, somewhere, will be offended about something.

    My main point was this,,,Everyone has their quirks, issues, habits, personalities. Now if its was personal deisre,, to have you:

    1. Shovel your sidewalk,, at 9:00 am...on a cold wintery day, with a foot of snow on the ground,, and you were not in the mood to go outside in that cold wintery, blustery day,, until maybe later on the evening when its more convenient for you ....,, would you accomodate me,, even though its not necessary on your end???

    2. If my other neighbor,,, is elderly, then all of a sudden requests,,, " Hey,, I take my nap from 11:00am to 2:00PM,,, do I then accomodate her also????

    3. Then, what if I requested of my neighbor,, "hey see those "dead",,,7 blue spruce trees lining your property,,, which look like hell lining the street,,,would you mind cutting those down tomorow",,,after they have been there 10 years or so???? I wonder how would feel,,, of course you are going to comply,, correct!

    4. How about,, if the cop that works 3 rd shift,, gets home at 8:00am, goes right to bed,, and then requesets,,, "do you mind if you start your lawnmower after 2:00PM".... Yes, I am sure,, you will gladly comply.....

    I can go on and on,,,, never mind if I start tossing my demnads into the picture if I so choose,, but would not dare or even consider asking...

    As I said, previously which some did not care to hear,,, American becoming more and more whiners, takers, complainers,, etc.....

    Hey,, by the way,, if I may ask of you,,,," do you know how you start your motorcycle up,, or start your car up,, and rev the engine at mid-morning,, almost every day,, would you mind if you dont do that till 3:00PM...It awakes our new born twins.."????

    Thanks once again!

  • krnuttle

    I think there is one think missing in this discussion. I usually do not start to mow before 10 or 11 in the morning, not out of consideration of the neighbors but the fact that the grass is usually to wet with dew to start mowing earlier.

    As for blowing leaver the same is true. They have to dry a little from the dew or frost. There have been some years I have had to wait until noon before starting to blow leaves. When I went out earlier they were still frozen to the ground and they would not blow.

  • lespaul20

    I probably would have asked why they need you to start later. Some people are just to self conceited to realized that not everybody lives their live like they do. What also gets me is that these type of people choose to live in neighborhoods there they are right on top of one another. I don't think this attitude will be getting better with the me generation coming up.

    That being said I would just start later if possible. Following the golden rule with people you are in considerable contact is a good thing.

  • neilaz

    "As I said, previously which some did not care to hear,,, American becoming more and more whiners, takers, complainers,, etc...." Isn't that what you are doing.........

  • jimrac

    Thanks to all,

    lespaul, bullseye, enough said.

    And neilaz, personally, I dont see any complaining or whining anywhere from my post. I sought others opinions on whats early. After owning a home for 35 years, have never made any such request from my neighbors or would be too embarrassed to ask. Further, if you want peace and quiet, and cant interact with society, move to Peducah, Kentucky, acquire 20 acres, and there you go.....But then, you know what will happen, all of sudden the issues will be "but its so quiet"..

    Lastly, neilaz, I thought for the most part, commerce is conducted and usually commences for the most part in this country around 8:00a.m.

    Boy, I guess it hit some nerves. I guess, when America is on the downward spiral, falling from #1 is big hard drop.

    Cheers, happy holidays.

  • grassboro

    Seems to me like there is a new Sheriff in town. I would suggest you check with them when you decide to do any work outside in your yard to make sure that it is alright with them. That way there will be no problems and everybody will be happy.

    Also see if they will let you use a rake early in the morning. That should not bother them too much as long as you are extra quite around their bedroom window.
    And since you are an early riser you might want to start getting their paper from the curb for them. Heck, they might even give you the key to kitchen back door. That way you can start the coffee up.
    Those kind of things will earn you good neighbor bonus points. And everybody will be Happy Happy Happy!

    Or (if he is not a cop!) you could â¦â¦â¦.
    Crank that bad boy up about 7:02 AM. Good Morning America!!!

  • ewalk

    I normally make it a habit to not commence anything noisy until at least 9:00AM . Chainsaws , Mowers , Trimmers or Snowblowing included. I suppose if foul Weather was an issue Rain or Additional Snow then earlier or later in the evening may have to be accommodated in such emergency situations . But I try to keep in mind that silence is Golden lol .

  • raee_gw zone 5b-6a Ohio

    It is no skin off my nose to be reasonably considerate toward my neighbors. You know, neighborly. Mine does work the night shift, and I keep that in mind when planning when to mow. It is hard enough to sleep in the daytime even when it is quiet, and hers is a vital job. I made the effort to ask her. Likewise, when they added a new side door light that shone very brightly into my bedrooms, they listened and changed the bulb to a lower but still adequate wattage.
    Delaying mowing for an hour is not such a big request, to me. But I am one of those who must get up for work at 0500, not because I like it, and am perpetually short on sleep so appreciate a chance to sleep later on my day off.

  • doze

    If I knew my neighbor was a nurse etc.. with 24 hour shifts I would certainly try to work around that otherwise your neighbor just sounds whiney. On a weekend 8am is fine, if you were out there at 6 that's another story. Many weekends I like to wake up early on Saturday to get stuff done so I can enjoy my afternoon. Your neighbor is the rude one for asking you to delay your plans for the day by an hour.

  • jennq

    "Some people are just to self conceited to realized that not everybody lives their live like they do."

    The person who posted this was talking about the neighbors, but I think the reverse is true. The neighbor doesn't live his life as the OP does, but if the neighbor chooses to sleep in until 9AM one day a week, that has no effect on the OP. But if the OP chooses to blow leaves at 8AM, this will disturb the neighbor.

    Yes, 8AM is much too early to be doing anything noisy on a weekend. Personally, I wouldn't start any loud projects until ten. My neighbors work during the week, and just in case they can manage to catch a few extra Zzzs on the weekend, I will be courteous and let them sleep.

    Of course, I don't have to blow my front yard, because my neighbors do it for me. And I seed their yard when I do mine. Not by arrangement, that's just what we do. We are always happy to accommodate each other, and consequently have a very friendly, respectful neighborhood (kids included) with no problems. Good manners and consideration for others will pay off in the long run.

    Good luck!

  • oppalm

    your neighbors have made a ridiculous request. Saturday mornings are for getting stuff done. noisy or not. If you give in to this they'll probably ask you to turn your stereo down after 11 PM or not to play with your dirt bike before 10 AM or wash you car because the water runs to their property, etc. You need to explain to these people that your run your life they way you want to and not the way that would make them happy. period. if they don't like it they can move.

    Of course I could be wrong :)

  • ap_public1

    There should be a fee for noise pollution, esp. in the morning! Read this: https://www.noisefree.org/leafblowers/leafscourge.html

  • killerv

    Why are you asking us...it seems like your new neighbors informed you when. Just kidding, move out into the country away from people is about the best solution.

    Blow all your leaves in their yard...after 9 am of course.

  • danielj_2009

    After approximately six years I would hope he has this sorted out!

  • owlnsr

    I would oblige them. Blowing leaves can wait until 9am...

    8AM is actually the best time to use the chainsaw. You know, before it gets too hot out.

  • krnuttle

    While I posted earlier in this thread, at that time we were living much further north. We now live about 20 miles east of Raleigh. In the summer the temperatures and humidity become unbearable. Several summers ago I tried to start mowing/blowing/trimming later. What Happened? Because of the heat and humidity I spent the afternoon in the hospital with a heat stroke, and they nearly kept me all night. So while I started up later, the neighbors had to put up with sirens and all of the extra traffic in the neighborhood.

    So my comment is if you can start later without endangering your health, start later. If the heat and humidity is such that you are endangering your health by starting later, explain to the neighbor why you must start when you do and continue to start at that time.

    Maybe they will volunteer to do your yard for you in the summer. Sorry I forgot this in 2016 not 1966.

  • danielj_2009

    Krnurtle that's probably the best comment in this thread. At least something good came of it.

  • dchall_san_antonio

    Besides being a troll, HU-, you've clearly never used a leaf blower. Perhaps a better name would be a blower. I use mine to sweep the porces and decks, clean the garage, car, and to blow grass clippings around on the yard. Of course mine is electric and makes hardly any noise at all. Sure, I could use a broom.

  • Saypoint 7a CT

    I used to rake but it gave me blisters.

  • krnuttle

    My back can not take several hours of raking so if there is someone who does not like my leaf blower, I would gladly let them come over with their rake and rake the leaves from my 3/4 acre wooded lot.

    Since I am on am retired and have limited resources, my alternative to that above is not rake the leaves and let them naturally blow into the neighbors yards.

  • dchall_san_antonio

    krnuttle, are you saying you blow your leaves into the neighbor's yards? You could bring them to me and I'll mulch mow them into my yard.

  • raee_gw zone 5b-6a Ohio

    I neither rake nor blow my leaves (I only sweep them off the walk and porch). I just mow over them & they disappear into the grass. Very nourishing for the lawn.

  • jimrac

    Wow I cant believe this thread is still going...Bottom line,,,, The Gal's husband came over and apologized for his so-called "demanding" wife.....All in all turned out well, I am still out there at 8am,,, and have not had any issues... Funny part, a year or so after,, the neighbors had a large addition put on,,, complete new roof,,,,,and siding,,,,contractors were on site at 7:45-8:00 sharp,,,,6 days a week....And yes,,, it was noisy for awhile, and of course let it go... But I did joke with the husband, and we had a good laugh and his better half has been a peach...But, boy,,,, when the shoe is on the other foot.........

    Krnuttle, I am with you and your comments are right on...We have 1.65 acres, with maybe over 75 various types of trees.......so any complainers are more than welcome to come on over,,,,and get going this fall... I do suggest, bring along 2,3 other helpers.....and some really huge rakes and some heavy, heavy duty gloves, dont let the gnats bother ya, mosquitoes nibble too much and all the other noise in the neighborhood disturb your concentration as you focus on clearing my property in a very timely, neat professional manner...See ya soon...


  • krnuttle

    dchall_san_antonio Yes I do use my blower to blow the leaves into my flower beds, but I could let the wind blow them into my neighbors yard if they do not like the noise of my leaf blower. As U said there is no way I could rake he whole thing.

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