Improving your 6x8 HFGH

8 years ago

HF greenhouse owners cite four major shortcomings for the 6x8 unit. Premature panel failure (poor UV protection), lack of headroom, flimsy aluminum framework, and the poor sliding door design. Here are some alternative building techniques you can consider to turn the HF greenhouse into a real bargain.

1) Cover the polycarbonate plastic panels with 4-year 6-mil UV film.
2) Raise the roof of you greenhouse by nearly a foot using 2x12's, on edge, for your foundation.
3) Design your bench and shelving structure so that it doubles as solid support for the aluminum framework.
4) Hang the HF door on hinges rather than mounting it as a slider.

Sorry I couldn't post up all the pictures and instructions here but this link will take you to the step-by-step account of how I built mine.

And thanks to all the others on this forum who have offered up their own "tweeks" for this greenhouse. It can be a real bargain for beginning gardeners. Feel free to post up any questions you might have here in this thread and I'll try to answer them.

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