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Sutherland Golden Sambucus - a recommendation

18 years ago

A kind of accidently bought a Sutherland Gold Sambucus, not realizing it was a cultivar. I stuck it in my semi-wild ditch, where it suffered greatly from sunstroke during our very dry summer months. Eventually realizing it was a delicate domestic plant, I moved it to a site near the house where it got regular water and dappled shade during mid-day.

It has since recovered from its tramautic ditch experience and has become one of my favorite plants. It is not yellow, like many of the pictures I see on the internet. It is a bright, light green with airy foliage. Now, it has bright red berries. It looks like Christmas in July.

I'm not a big fan of cloned shrubs, but I have to say that I highly recommend this bright, airy shrub for a dappled shade spot with rich soil (or even a sunny spot if you live at low elevation and have humid summers).

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