12 years ago

Here are some various pics.... Barb









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  • tommyr_gw Zone 6
    12 years ago

    Great pics! You're so lucky! Someday I too will have a greenhouse.

  • mudhouse_gw
    12 years ago

    Barb, it is so cool to see your greenhouse with things moved in. And look at all the little plants! Impressive snow banks, too! However, I really think it needs more antlers. ;-)

  • rosepedal
    Original Author
    12 years ago

    Thank you Tommy R It is new to me. I never thought I would have one. It is such a fun hobby. Wishing you a speedy greenhouse.

    Hi Sherry,
    Lovin every minute. Except I dont know when I will have time to plant every thing. 72 tomato plants..... Wow lots of canning this year. We also have a food dehydrator that will be running 24 7..... Barb

  • jumpin4joy
    12 years ago

    Awseome. I just got mine a few weekas back and I love it. The winds seem to want to beat her up but Im gonna use some of your bracing with a twist. LOL Love the decorating.

  • ladylotus
    12 years ago


    Your greenhouse looks great. You have alot of seedlings started already. I can't wait until I get mine finished so that I can move everything in my greenhouse. Wonderful!