Another HFGH?????

12 years ago

I have been tracking this for a while.. a friend sent me some compiled data(I believe from GW) of what to do..The first line being "throw the directions away"...LOL I have miss placed it and am wondering if anyone has a clue as to what I'm looking for..

Dax the thread of your How To is just awsome great pics very easy to understand...I have heard mention of foam and alumiunm tape being used for a better seal and replacement clips...?????

I went and picked one up yesterday... My husband is in construction and the 2 of us built our home...But I don't want this to be some prolonged production I want the dang thing up and running so I can get these plants out of my house...LOL

Any further input would be greatly appreciated!



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  • agardenstateof_mind
    12 years ago

    Welcome, Chena!

    The first and most important thing you can tell us is what size HFGH you have there. The 6x8 goes up quickly and seems sturdy as is; the 10x12, however, seems to need some modification to strengthen the frame.

    My only experience is with the 6x8 and I can wholeheartedly say I am still very happy with it. Dax's thread and comments and photos by others were a tremendous help in building and winterizing it.


  • mudhouse_gw
    12 years ago

    I agree Kylie, if you can post which size HFGH you've picked up, we can get you better info. Diane is right about the 10x12, they need some extra bracing to be sturdy in winds (that's what I have.) Sounds like you are a handy couple, so I'll bet you'll be able to get it up and running without too much marital stress!

    Also, do keep the manual...annoying as it is, you'll definately need it, in spite of all the good and helpful posts here, LOL!

  • chena
    Original Author
    12 years ago

    Thanks ya'll!!!!and Thanks for the Welcome!!!
    I got the 10 X 12.. Finally got it out of the truck( a box at a time..LOL) That sucker is heavy!!! DH is looking it over as we speak...Now I guess I need to decide where the heck to put it before I worry about all of the other things... I am soooo very excited...
    There is so much great advice and experience here I'm thinking we won't have to discuss divorce before it is complete...LOL

  • mudhouse_gw
    12 years ago

    Here some threads and sites that discuss building the 10x12. Don't hesitate to ask questions of the group as you go, lots of good folks here.

    My blog: Building the HFGH 10x12 Greenhouse

    Gardenerwantabe's thread on HFGH modifications:
    A Guide to the Modifications of 10x12 HFGH
    ...and a link to his photos:
    Gardenerwantabe's HFGH photos

    Laserfan's thread, with links to his photos:
    HFGH 10x12 Lessons Learned

    Oraylawson's thread, with links to his photos:
    10x12 HFGH

    Troykd's site:
    Building our Greenhouse, an Adventure in Pain

    Amigatec's site:
    How I Built My 10x12 Harbor Freight Greenhouse

    Joe Urda's site:
    Harbor Freight Greenhouse

    ...and there's even more good info lurking here, but those should get you started, and cover a lot of bases!

    It's a pain to do, but it's a good idea to check all the parts as soon as you can, just to be sure you didn't get one of the "lucky" kits missing a part. There are several folks here who have waited over a year to receive missing parts (shame on Harbor Freight.)
    Keep in touch!

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