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chipmunk holes all over yard!

21 years ago

For the first time we are having a problem with chipmunk's borrowing holes all over our yard. They have dug little holes all over the place. They dig right through my mulch and weed barrier cloth that we paid to have make the place look more manicured!

I am at odds because they are so cute I don't want to really kill them but I don't like the holes all over either. We try filling them but they pop back again.

I even think they are digging in my container plants too as I find smaller holes in my container garden.

My husband sees the chipmonks come in and out of the holes so that is how he knows it's chipmonks.

Is there anything I can do to discourage them from coming so close to the house? Any sort of animal urine of any type someone can recommend?

Thank you!


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