Greenhouse pollinaton

10 years ago

Has anyone experimented with insect pollinators in a hobby greenhouse?

What about establishing a colony of bumble bees? Any other ideas?


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  • web4deb
    10 years ago

    A lot of my plants are self pollinating....some of them I'll pollinate with an electric toothbrush. ;-) During the warmer season, I just leave the doors and vents open and let the bees do the jobs!

    Here is a link that might be useful: my HFGH 10x12

  • wordwiz
    10 years ago

    Bumble bees sting. I either grow partheocarpic plants or use artificial means to pollinate the blooms - but I'm only growing tomatoes and a banana tree this year.


  • ohiojay
    10 years ago

    The bumble bees you get for pollination do not sting. However, they are mainly for large greenhouses that have a lot of crops in bloom.

    You might try ordering flies. They are fantastic pollinators...providing of course that your greenhouse is kept warm enough. Winter is a tough time for this.