Passive Heat, what REALLY works?

10 years ago

I watched the weather report late last night, &$%*! They were predicting 28 degrees. I have a 6 X 8 HFGH, I like it very much but I had just put a tray of starts out there today that seemed doomed. I got up early today and ran out to rescue the survivors. As I made coffee and researched heat retention, I thought about the nice spot I had for the thermometer, right by the door at eye level, on the south wall. It often said 90 degrees or higher and so I would open the vents. I read that water was supposed to help with heat retention, but my water bucket on the floor was always ice cold, even when the thermometer said it was 90+. HMMmm, was I being misled? DUH, yes I guess heat rises.

If I put the therm. on the floor next to the water bucket, what would it read? It dropped like a rock, to the more predictable temp of 20 degrees above the outside temp. crap!!. SO I spent the day ripping up and reinstalling the brick floor, starting where I knew I should have in the first place, at the NEcorner, by the door. Originally I just paved the pathway.

I keep adding plastic containers of water hoping that they will hold the heat, but they are cold when I use them to water. What do you all use for passive heat? I donÂt have electricity but could maybe see using a solar fan to move the hot air. 30 percent of the roma tomato starts died, and the one stray green been in the corner of the tray, RIP.

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