Glad for my HFGH

13 years ago

Recently we have had some very fierce windstorms. It blew down some trees and my poor house was cracking and creaking, I thought for sure our roof was going to blow off. I was nervous about my HF green house. It had 2 panels that were missing clips, and before I was able to replace them we got all that snow, and I could not walk to my greenhouse to do anythng. So for a week of bad weather I watched the greenhouse, hoping it held together. One day I looked ooutside just in time to see a panel blow by. It took me forever to get it, I could barely walk in the wind. When I brought it in the house my daughter told me there was another one buried outside up the hill. So, I am waiting for the snow to melt to find it. Hopefully it is still out there and not down the road.

In the mean time, we took a ride this weekend. We saw lots of ruined greenhouses. The local nursery lost one of it's hoop houses. Alot of nice ones were blown down or crushed under the weight of the snow. I saw this beautiful home attached glass greenhouse, that I always admired, totaly crushed under the weight of the snow. So sad.

So now I got my extra clips in the mail today, and I sit at the window with my binoculars searching for my lost panel, hopefully I will find it so I can get my greenhouse up and running. I consider myself lucky, though. I only have a single panel MIA, and the greenhouse is still standing strong.

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