HFGH update

13 years ago

Well she is still standing after some pretty windy days here in ky. I am proud. I did lose a few panels on the roof that I did not screw in because i was waiting on a larger ladder. I screwed those in today a caulked what gaps i could find. My heater will be in early this week. Electric is run but laying on the ground. Plan to rent a ditch witch and put gas electric and water in the ground. Wondering if I want to bury water deep enough to keep from freezing or just blow it out in winter. I am scared to go to deep to avoid hitting my bleeder lines from the septic??? I am scared the stub up in the greenhouse may freeze anyway since it won't be underground. I plan on heating all winter but that may change. I may just bury 4 or 5 inches and blow the line out. Will i miss the water flow come winter.... I can always pump out of my thermal mass barrels and just top those off come winter.... decisions, decisions. Installed the vent fan and thermostat today. Need to install a horizontal fan for air movement in the structure... not sure what else... any suggestions? I couldn't take it anymore so i sowed a few flats of seeds today... I know it will get cold before the heater shows up but that will just stratify the seeds in the meantime. Sort of like winter sowing until the heater is up and running. I found an awesome deal on a display metal shelf at lowes today. They use them for bulb and bagged plant displays. Nice metal four shelf adjustables. Have seen similiar set ups sell for 75 dollars.... GOT MINE FOR $5.00. They toss them out!!! I will take a few pics soon. WHat next guys??? How do you guys stub up your water connections? Thought about doing a simple riser with a shut off valve similiar to ones coming out of a house. I need to order a shade cloth.... been reading about this bubble wrap pool cover stuff... seems too simple and good to be true. Looking at the pool places for a mis sized or torn cover for cheap. Not real sure how much it will help. Read that I need to insulate my North wall but that faces the house and will look funny, not to mention that the doors are there and may not be totally effictive? I need to put some weather stripping where the doors meet. IT has been fun yet costly so far. I am at about $1000 bucks and should get it all done for under $1500. I hope to have more elephant ears than I know what to do with.

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  • conifers
    13 years ago

    You just couldn't wait to sow those seeds - amateur!

    Sounds exactly like you know what you are doing. I ran the water from the house on an incline and wrapped the piping with pipe heating cables wrapped in foam insulation. When the temp gets to -10 or therabouts I either have to turn the water off in the house and bleed the line or take a hair-dryer to it.

    I too caulked every joint (I assume you did). You never mentioned what size model you got, but I assume you got the larger one, the 10 x 12. Here with this 6 x 8 model, I don't mess with any of the pool covering stuff or bubble insulation, or any of that but it would likely benefit your purpose. Without shade cloth I'd be killing my grafts. The cooler the winter, the less sunny, the easier it is for me to keep this thing on the cool side. I prefer constant temps in the 55 degree range, however, on a really sunny day, I can expect 75F with all bells and whistles.

    The thermal mass. perfect...

    Don't know anything about septic line depth. Sounds like you better ask someone.

    Good work! You're a pro.


  • bwright
    13 years ago

    I have been patiently planning for the construction of our 10x12 HFGH and in doing so have read and researched many of your concerns. The utility question is a tough one. A committment to underground water is long term. The heating cost is a big question in my mind. I am planning to bury our lines at about 30", my thought is if I'm renting the ditch witch I might as well put the line in at the safest depth.(we live in south central PA, zone 5). I am designing the water system so that is can be drained at seasons end. This might change but at least for now if there is no heat I have options. Here is a link to a very well designed water supply system to use as a starting point.
    Here is another link to a more easily installed system that may be useful as well.
    There is a few nice water supply pieces at http://www.leevalley.com/garden/page.aspx?c=2&cat=2,2280&p=33160
    I do have concerns about the natural gas line and hookups but that is further down the road, I'll lay the line and figure that one out when the time comes. I'd like to see pics of your GH construction as I am starting ours this coming weekend. Hope this helps.
    Good Luck!

  • belleville_rose_gr
    13 years ago

    well i just finished for the day erecting my 6X8 HFGH. My only issue was the dimensions I worked off were short on the door end. I need another 1 1/2 ". I took their measurments but anyway all that I have left is the panels.
    I looked for more bolts at Lowes but didn't find anything that worked unless a 1/4 hex would work.

  • darrinky
    Original Author
    13 years ago

    I tried 1/4 hex heads but they where too wide at the head to slide in the channel. A few seconds on each side on the bench grinder and they worked well. I only needed six. I would try Fastenall or a nuts and bolts type place if I needed several.

  • belleville_rose_gr
    13 years ago

    well my HFGH is up so now I have to decide my layout and what all I plan to do inside. I know I will be ordering a shade cloth. The temp outside was 62 and the inside was 88 and I know I the greenhouse is not completely sealed yet.

    I will say............ I am excited