14 years ago

I built the foundation for my 6X8 to wide. Can I just screw it down and not worry about the ridge on the back and side. I will let the front over hang but I want to just screw the other sides on down on to the wood foundation. What kind of screws should I use for this. Thank you.

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  • javan
    14 years ago

    Hi oaktree59. When I built my hfgh, I screwed the frame to the 2X8's I used for a foundation (which are screwed into shorter pieces of 4x4's cemented into the ground.) I will check on the type of screws I used, but it is pouring outside at the moment, so I'll check tommorrow. Jim

  • oaktree59
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Thank You I got it made looks good. Where can I get a digital thermometer that show inside and outside temp. Thank you

  • agardenstateof_mind
    14 years ago

    They are available online through the greenhouse accessory companies, but you should also be able to find them in stores locally: Radio Shack, Home Depot, Target ... other places too, I expect.

    I happened upon an Oregon Scientific thermometer/hygrometer in Target for I think about $30. Digital, wireless remote, can accept data from two additional sensors (sold separately), records highs and lows. There are models with many more features, all the way up to weatherstations and units that feed the data directly to your computer for tracking; of course, they're a bigger investment.

    Depending on how and when you plan to use your greenhouse, you may want to see if you can find one that has an alarm to warn you of extreme highs/lows.

    Glad you got the foundation glitch worked out.


  • clavero
    14 years ago

    Take care if you use the Radio Shack remote thermo/humidity unit. I believed the humidity reading on my remote units for weeks (couldn't figure out why I could only get 40% even with wet floors!) ONLY to find out the thing was unreporting the humdity by 35%!!

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