Sears Craftsman 13.5 hp,hydrostatic drive problem

13 years ago

New Canadian member here...Greetings all.

My 2 year old Sears 13.5 hp, 27 inch hydrostatic drive snow blower will not move forward for about 5 minutes after starting it. It is intermittent in forward speed until it warms up. Even then it hesitates at times during forward motion. Occasionally if I load the wheels down, I can stop their rotation, even with the engine running at speed. Belts are tight. Should I change the oil in the trans to a higher weight synthetic? Do you think the oil level is low? Is there provision (drain plugs) for changing this oil? I would very much like to hear your recommendation?

Where can I get a service manual for this transmission? I am an automotive technician so have no problem with repair of most mechanical devices.

Thank you very much for your help with this matter


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