Misting system

15 years ago

Hey all,

Well I just purchased a misting system from lowes...I am so happy my watering days are over lol....well have to tweek it just right now.....I paid $30 for the kit...I know O probally could of put it together for cheaper but I wasnt too sure what I would need to get...anyways I have enough misting heads left to do my flower beds in front...just have to pick up a few of the other components...I believe it will cut back drastically on the amount of water I use....because of right now it seems it only needs to be on for about 2 min every several hours...but I proballyt will need to water maybe 5 min when it gets really hot....hopefully it will cut down on the temperature which has been around 100 in the greenhouse....but the plants couldn't be happier lol....


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