14 years ago

I'm new to this site and am about to order Cross Country; I think. I've waited so long... I want to be as sure as I can, that I'm making the right decision.

I've been surfing the postings here and am already learning a lot, but keep seeing posts about problems in construction for "HFGH".

I presume the GH part means greenhouse; but what is does HF stand for?

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  • Vamptoo
    14 years ago

    The HF stands for Harbor Freight. They have 2 sizes of GH now at extremely resonable prices. Assembly is a bit of a challenge but if you do a search on Harbor Freight Greenhouse you will find lots of help with both of them.

    Go to to look at the greenhouses.


  • roxy77
    14 years ago

    The 6x8 isn't so bad to build if you use Dax's instructions on this site. (If you are looking for a GH that size.) But it sounds like the 10 x 12 is a nightmare.

  • clavero
    14 years ago

    Often the HF seems to stand for Horribly Frustrating.


    Honestly Frightening?

    (sorry its a slow day and I should probably doing something else than this huh?)

  • birdwidow
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Ah. Thank you.

    We have shopped at Harbor Freight for some items and have have gotten some good deals, but I think I'll stick with the Cross Country, unless I find another brand with equivalant quality for less money.

    I want either a 12 X 16, or 10 x 20 and the Cross Country seems well made, with lots of customer support from the mfg. in BC.

    After reading some of the posts about the HF models, an 800 number to consult with the actual mfg. has even greater appeal.

  • cottagefarmer
    14 years ago

    You might want to check out FarmTek, too.

  • luckyinky
    14 years ago

    I will never buy another HFGH. Just too nerve racking to assemble. The price is good.