HFGH 10x12 base problem

9 years ago

We have finally started the adventure of building the Harbor Freight 10"x12" greenhouse. The kit has been over three years in the original unopened box in our garage (it also moved across the Atlantic in an ocean container before that). We made a foundation out of LECA-blocks and treated 2x6. The plan was to bolt the steel base on that, but the paint on the steel is blistering and there is rust underneath it. Since we moved to another country with the kit, there is no way I could try to get new steel base from Harbor Freight. We have now made a base with same outer diameter from treated 2x4s standing on the side and bolted to the foundation. This is much sturdier than the bended sheet metal, but now I have a bit of a challenge to tackle with it. I cannot use the clips to attach the lower aluminum beams to the 2x4s, so I'm planning to use screws through the top of the aluminum to the 2x4. I have been trying to find photos which would show how much room there is for the screw heads. Are the 4mm panels touching the vertical lip of the aluminum or is it a bit off? I would greatly appreciate if someone with this type of greenhouse could measure the distance from the outer surface of the poly panel to the outer edge of the aluminum.

I would like to thank all the people who have contributed on these forums about the modifications to make this greenhouse withstand the elements. I have been doing a lot of reading before we started the project. Especially mudhouse's blog with the photos has been priceless when trying to figure out how the parts really go together.

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