Foundation for HFGH

13 years ago

I built a deck to place my HFGH on, but I'm not exactly sure at this time the best way to go about attaching the base. Idea#1, put the base together as per instructions then bolt 2X4 to inside, trim deck so that the modified base would slip down around trhe deck, then lag base to deck. Idea#2, put base together as per instructions, then lay on deck and put 2X4 frame around the outsidem of the base, lag 2X4's to deck and bolt base to 2X4's. In both instances I feel that the little clips to attach floor plates to base seem inadequate and it is my intention to add 1/4 X 20 bolts to further strengthen the attachment. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I really would like to get this thing put together before Christmas.

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  • milwdave
    13 years ago

    Idea number 2 sounds better to me.