HFGH Door Fix

8 years ago

Having recently obtained Harbor Freight's 10 X 12' greenhouse I set about learning how others have dealt with the setup. These pages came up in the search of course, as well as many others.

It was clear the doors are probably the weakest link in the greenhouse construction so I anticipated having trouble with them. Sure enough, they worked like crap, or maybe I should say they didn't work at all which is closer to the truth. I tried the rubber washer trick to angle the top metal piece back a bit but turns out that isn't what was causing the sticking.

A bit of close observation revealed that the vertical pieces on both sides of the door frame were scraping against the top and bottom of the door frame. Any tilt at all when sliding the door will cause the vertical piece to catch on the frame. This was noted in an earlier post on the subject but I thought I would bring it to light in a separate post since it is really a problem that has to be dealt with, probably by all who purchase this product.

I used my angle grinder to grind off about 1/8th inch from the top and bottom of the two vertical pieces and what do you know? The doors slide like butter. No need for rubber washers nor cross bracing.

This is the area that needs to be shortened:


This is the piece I cut off:


This is how the GH turned out:




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