HFGH longevity anc cleaning

13 years ago

I'm going to purchase a 10x12 this next week while they are on sale but probably won't be able to put it up till later.

I'm curious as to if there is anyone out there that has had one of the HFGH longer than say, 5 years and how it's held up on general wear and tear. I'm thinking more of how the poly has done as far as deterioration, that kind of thing.

Also I live under the flight path and I know darn good and well that we get more uck in our air from those jets than others. I was wondering if I would be able to use a mild pressure washer to clean the walls or if it's better to maybe use a hose and a mop.


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  • birdwidow
    13 years ago

    "mild pressure washer to clean the walls or if it's better to maybe use a hose and a mop"

    The answer, I believe, is both; each in their place.

    Treat the polycarb on your GH as you would the finish on an auto: get it thoughly wet with a mild pressure spray first, then soft mop with cleaner, as to not grind fine particulates into the finish, and as the "uck" you refer to is likely residue from jet fuel, it could do real damage to the polycarb, so regular washing will be one of those "must dos" for you.

    However, when it requires a cleansing agent in addition to water, you must be very careful and of all the products that will work well, are safe on UV treated polycarb, cheap and available anywhere, few will beat Joy in hot water.

    As subjected to airbourne pollutants as your GH will be, it might also be a good investment for you to get some acrylic polish, to give the polycarb extra protection, and for that; I would recommend a product called Brillianize. It will actually repel a lot of the "ugk" and allow you to quick rinse it off before it has a chance to damage the polycarb.

    As for a mop; just be careful to use one with no sharp edges or projections that could scratch the thin UV coating on the polycarb. Old fashoned, flat headed, cotton dust mops work well for the purpose.

    I can't speak to how well, or long a HFGH will hold up as opposed to any other made of the same materials, but would venture to guess that a good application of aluminum polish on the structural members, before the GH is assembled, wouldn't hurt.

    If I had known of what a great benefit the Brillianize would be for the polycarb before we assembled my own GH, I would have laid out the panels on a firm, flat surface and treated them then, instead of needing to climb ladders, after-the-fact.

  • robinz
    Original Author
    13 years ago

    Thank you very much for the information, especially the Brillianize. I will do as suggested and polish them before they go up. Especially since it's going to be late July early August before construction.

    Thanks again

  • birdwidow
    13 years ago


    If you are going to buy Brillianize, don't overpay. It's dreadfully overpriced in small spray bottles at retail shops and even from most online sellers, and you can rinse out and reuse any empty cleaning product spray bottle for free.

    Try $16.00 a gallon, plus a very reasonable shipping charge at:

    Highly reliable, B & M supplier with website sales.

    Once I had it, I also used it on the bathroom mirrors and glass shower doors and they have been sparkling since, with only damp cloth wipes. Amazing stuff on any glass, plastic, resin, acrylic or polycarb surface.

  • greenhouser
    13 years ago

    Are you sure Brillianize wont harm the UV finish? I washed our HF with mild dish washing liquid and plain water. It looks brand new. :-)

  • birdwidow
    13 years ago

    "Are you sure Brillianize wont harm the UV finish?"

    Quite sure. Charlie's carried it for that very purpose. That's how I learned about it, and to be double sure, I checked with BC Greenhouses, the mfg of my GH (same one sold by Charlie's) and they also assured me the product was both safe and effective.

    The key, is to have the polycarb surface very clean before spraying on the Brillianize. Once it dries to a haze, it takes little effort to buff it out by hand, but if there is grit on the surface, the buffing might leave minute scratches.

    Again; treat the polycarb on your GH as you would the finish on a car: wash clean first, then polish. It won't just look clean, it will glisten, and with them now so cheap and available; do use microfiber towels to buff.

    Wrap the towel around a firm sponge, and it will give you something soft but easy to grip, and won't- CAN'T scratch the UV.

  • gardenerwantabe
    13 years ago

    Since the 10X12 HFGH has only been available since
    Jan.2006 their will Be no one that has had one for 5 years.
    I have one of the first ones sold when I ordered mine they told me that they would not have any for sale for two months but it came early I got mine in the first week of Jan.-06
    NO problems with it so far but be sure to read the FAQ section and make the modifications to it or you won't have it long.