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Gardenway by troy-built tiller

April 19, 2006

Help! We (my father) have a Tiller that is black with green "gardenway by Troy-built on the handle. The serial number on the transmition casing is 1916502 With J-1 underneath that number. It is also marked 11/98. I am now bald! I have searched the Troy-Built site. I have searched the Web and even called the MTD people. No one can find this tiller. It is in very clean condition. these numbers are very clear. The machine is not the Troy-built red color. The only name I can find is "Garden Way by Troy-built. It has a 6.5 B&S engine. You all seem to have the best knowledge of anyone on the web. Please help me identify this machine. My Dad would like to find a service manual and also a neutral position. Does this machine roll at all if it is not cranked up?

I would appriciate any help!


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  • richlyn71

    Have you tried this site:

    Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Way's Troy Built Factory Store

  • jimc_vt

    To the best of my knowledge "Gardenway"closed up shop in the mid 80's....here in Vt....the only tillers I remember there were ALL red...being marked 11/98 ,I would say it is not a troybilt tiller ,but maybe a Bolens,since Bolens owned T.B. before MTD bought them out ....oh eats a dog eat dog world....Jim

  • baymee

    It's a strange play on words. The handle would have said: Troy-bilt by Gardenway in the old days.

  • fisher40037

    Find the model numbers off of the engine, the briggs
    engines have a model, type, code numbers, the first 2
    digits of the code is the year the engine was made. If it
    is a 6.5 ohv, then the tiller is fairly new. I will try to run the model numbers when I get to work. The newer, lighter model tillers did not have a nuetral or roll
    feature, but to push/roll, you had to take the pins out of the wheel shafts and just reverse the wheel and put the pin back in the shaft, allowing the hub to just spin on the
    stationary wheel shaft. Problem usually is though, that
    the wheels usually rust on.

  • ccecilm

    The folks at [ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/troybilttillerclub/ ] should be able to help. There are a lot of "old timer" Troy-Bilt people on that forum.

  • jesskidden

    Garden-Way was the name of the corporation, in Troy, NY, which manufactured "Troy-Bilt" equipment. (They eventually bought "Bolens" as well, in 1988.) They also made an economy line of tillers under the "Garden Way" name.

    Garden Way declared bankruptcy in 2001 and sold the Troy-Bilt and Bolens brands to MTD EXCEPT for the chipper/shredder and Vac lines (IIRC because of safety lawsuits at the time?). The "Garden Way" name is no longer used on any power equipment (but there is a line of "Garden Way" handtools & misc. stuff that is linked to MTD's TroyBilt website http://www.gardenway.com/ ).

    My tiller, dated 1999, also says "GardenWay by Troy-Bilt" on it- it has no model "name" but is just called the "8 HP Tiller" in the literature and on the sheet metal plate between the handle bars (a paper label with a number still exists on the transmission, but I could see it being worn off if it was exposed to the weather). From the looking around I've done, my tiller shares a lot of parts with the Horse, but doesn't have as many options (speeds, etc) and it's a counter-rotating tines machine.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Troy-Bilt's bankruptcy

  • gw:bud-1

    Thanks to all that responded. Fish the numbers on the motor are 990114FD 12141 2 0152-E1. Thanks also for the info on the wheels. And yup they're rusted on :( I guess the model must be a 99.
    thanks, Dana (bud's daughter) (explains the lack of mechanical vocabulary) Might paint the machine pink when we get this all figured out.

  • hunt_2007

    NEED help!!! I just got a roto tiller on the tine cover it says troy built horse by gardenway mfg company it is an 8hp b&s the mod# on the eng is 195437,type is 015001 & the code is 82061712 the ser# on the tine cover is 624112 i bought 2 new tires it tilled about a ten ft section and jumped out of gear can`t seam to get it moving runs good where can i find a manual and get parts if needed to good to give up on

  • jesskidden

    As noted above, the original company "Gardenway/Troybilt" is out of business but MTD bought the brand and supplies (most) parts. You can get your manual and order parts off the MTD Troybilt site below, which, IIRC, works pretty well these days.

    Of course, as with most manufacturers' parts, many can be bought cheaper at local dealers or internet sites - check the threads here for recommendations-

    I've had good luck with these folks http://www.m-and-d.com/

    But have recently heard good things about http://www.custompartsinc.com/

    Here is a link that might be useful: MTD Troy-Bilt

  • purpleheart

    I have a Garden-Way, Troy-Built tiller from the mid-70's. It has a Tecumseh engine. It's a large tiller with 2 speeds, and reverse. (a potato spade trencher that came with it) My "Q" is this: where can I get a manual for the up keep on this. I know how to run it, it was my Father's but he never took care of it properly. I bought a carb kit, the gas just runs right out of it. There are no holes in the float though. I found one drain plug near the bottom
    of the machine on the left side.Is there another drain plug for the tine area as there is a fill plug above the tines .This plug has a metal dip stick attached? Is this a seperate grease reservoir? I Need to save the old girl. She's done alot of work through the years!!!

  • berrypatch

    I would try MTD as well as ebay for a manual. Yes, that is a separate reservoir for lubricant. It takes the same type as that in the transmission.

  • gfoote

    I have a 30-year old Horse and just last week it started leaking oil/gear oil out of the right rear tine (where it enters the differential). I expect that I broke a seal. Is this difficult to replace, any help on how to do it, and where I can order the part would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • jimc_vt

    You can get the parts from a Cub Cadet dealer.....It's an easy but sometimes frustrating job ....the tine shaft seal kit may have instructions....Jim

  • ralphocctexas

    I have recently came across a Garden Way Tiller with a 8.5 HP B & S engine, all in need of some TLC >> Any information on where do I find the model number for the tiller and also the engine. EWhat I have found, I do not think is the model numbers. Also any information on a manual would HELP >> Thanks in advance ralph o

  • lbroer

    Does anyone know who manufactured B&S 5 hp Aldens model FS42 - 6040A front tine tiller? I need a brass tine drive gear.

  • phil_2010

    I tried to ID my garden Way tiller and used the "factory Store" and "troy built tiller group" and got only ABLE DATA
    and "no such group found"
    I acquired a Garden Way tiller with a Tecumseh 5hp cast iron engine. The entire machine is cast iron.
    Cast into the trans.top is "Garden Way TH-1018, I-F...
    Serial hand stamped on a flange just below, 235046...

  • widget_2009

    Your 235046 is a Horse I, mfg between 8/76 (229790), and 9/76 (235432)

    Info for Troy Bilt Tiller Club over on Yahoo


  • jones21

    need help to identify my troy built by garden way inc ser
    3473030 it had an hh60 engine on it can you help me

  • widget_2009

    Houston, we have a problem with your 3473030: TB tillers never had 7 digits.
    They went from 6 to 8(the first 2 being OO and much later)
    Is yours a PTO model ???
    If it is the older 2 or 4 speed and has 6 digits, it was most likely mfg between 9/78 (345189) and 10/78 (350485)

  • jones21

    sorry about that it should be 473030 i thiink it is early 80's just trying to narrow down for parts

  • phil_2010

    I really appreciate your info

  • lippy00

    I have a old garden way rear tine tiller there are no model or serial # that I can find. The question that I have is the tines will swing about 15 degrees right or left is this the way it should be? It looks like someone tried to tack weld it into place but it broke loose, can anyone give me any information.

  • larrymichellecannon_gmail_com

    I have a horse model with a 6hp tecumseh, purchased in may 1983. serial #673707 the shaft that goes into the gear box that controls the wheel speed is leaking oil. does anybody know if I can get a new seal and how big a job it is to replace it.I consider myself to be pretty handy but i have never torn into the gearbox and don't know if i will need any specialty tools or if the seal has to be pressed in or out. Any help would be appreciated. At this point I can't use it because I can't have gear oil getting into my soil. thanks LTP

  • myfamilysfarm

    We have a Gardenway/troybilt tiller and love it. We had to take it to a repair person 1 time, and he liked it better than his 'horse'. Tried to talk us out of it. We bought it new in either 2000 or 2001 for $500. We market garden and it's worked great for up to 2 acres, after that you need a real tractor.

  • rspinks52_live_com

    Is there a way to learn what the model and year of my tiller is just by the serial # ? This seems to be all the stamping I can find and all the decals are gone now... Serial # 711876. Its time to find a few parts but I need this info...Thanks in advance

  • gator_rider2

    Randy year 3/84 month year. Pto model join the yahoo group if read all message above info there so search.

  • Jimboy6610_aol_com

    I have a Gardenway Brush Weedeater on wheels which has a
    pull start and also a ignition switch with start and stop
    It also can be turned to the right or left to cut. The
    front spindle is where the cord is. All I can see is that
    it leaks gas at the rubber bulb, which you prime it. My question is: Does it have a small battery also?

  • joe1biz_yahoo_com

    i have a 1982 8hp troybuilt tiller, i need wheel or axel seals, were and how do i find them? thanks!

  • MrHEC51_aol_com

    I have an old troybilt horse that I picked up reasonable that had been taken apart and has some missing parts. For the transmission I need a front bearing end cap and seal. The serial number on the transmission is 93696. Where can I get replacement parts for this old one piece tranny?

  • rwblack17a_sbcglobal_net

    Troy-Bilt Tiller serial #S185932
    This is an old unit that I purchased whenever it was new.
    Original motor, tines, and even the original belts.
    Will not move in gear! Dealer tells me that the drive gears
    are worn out. Tines show very little wear, why would the metal gears be worn out even before the belts ,tines or engine ? The cost of new gears are not cost effective.

  • rwblack17a_sbcglobal_net

    Pony Troy-Bilt 5HP Details posted earlier.
    The cost of the drive gears is too much to have this unit
    repaired. Pictures can be provided if anyone want this unit
    for parts. Can be delived anyplace in the Okalhoma City area, or can be seen locally in Edmond. 405-341-7869
    Price to be negotiated.

  • 79lowrider

    ok ive read a lot of posts on these gardenway tillers and im not able to identify mine. here is the info ive found on mine. stamped on the trans case ( 269387 ) it has a kohler 7hp cast iron motor ( model#k161t-spec#281271j-ser#8031908 ) on the handlebar mount ( gardenway 1019 ) on the trans cover ( 1003-1 )and on the front bottom of the gear case ( th1002 ) can anyone tell me what year and model so i can look up parts?

  • gator_rider2

    79lowrider tiller built in month April 1977 Model Number 1. This should get parts it take engine numbers to get parts for engine. You should contact Bill Rogers for any parts need during normal work week phone number 1-800-609-5110.

  • 79lowrider

    thanks to you for the info on my horse tiller. I have got it running and lookin good now. I would like to adjust the belt tension and was wondering if anyone could tell me how to do this.

  • gator_rider2

    First I would spray PB Blaster on moving parts like 2 pins engine slides up down on and all bolts yoke has that moves engine.Theirs block and roller roller rolls up down block end that block is tapered roller falls into taper angle this hold engine up sliding block down intern lift engine higher tighten belt more 9/16 wrench fit bolt holding block loosen bolt slide down may take bump on top make slide down. Just 1/4 inch down may be all needed don't over loosen bolt just to release clamping pressure. If belt over length by wear may need new belt call Bill Roger with serial number if need new belt. About twice a year PB Blaster make shifting easy.

  • Tman3874_aol_com

    Please help me find the year of my Troy-Bilt tiller. The serial number is 399764. It is a horse model with a Tecumseh motor but I do not know the hp of the engine as I do not find any markings on the engine.

    Thank You for your help.

  • gator_rider2

    May of 1979 month it was made. 6hp size engine number on starter cover give HH6o which means 6hp. You have 4 speed model 1979 was year of 4 speed.

  • catbrat1051_yahoo_com

    I bought my Garden Way Cart back around 1970 give or take a year or so. My tires will not stay inflated. My husband bought bicycle tire tubes but they will not stay inflated. He even added green slime but that didn't hold up either, within a couple of days they went flat again. I think he got the wrong size tubes. If anyone can tell me the size of tube and tire to get I would appreciate it. Also a suggestion on where to go to make my purchase. I was thinking a bicycle shop will be very expensive. Your help is appreciated, THANK YOU, cathy

  • janetzirkle_excite_com

    Have a Troy-Built horse--I believe from the early 80's. Can't find the model #, but the serial number is 779915. I need new tines, but everyone wants to know a model #. I've looked on-line for hours & tried to join the yahoo group with no success. Can anyone help me???

  • gator_rider2

    Year 9/85
    Model (I) are Horse (I) all this means model (1)
    You have a PTO model but that's not model PTO means take off tiller housing from transmission so other attachment bolt on like chipper or wood buster this started in 1982.
    On join yahootroybiltgroup dot com make that into link you need join yahoo first then look under groups until find troybilt and join group there with 779915 number and call Bill Rogers 1-800-609-5110 he have tines you need and easier talk troy bilt tiller with Bill he guide to site he own's that site.

  • wudie_aol_com

    I have come across an older Red Troy Bilt tiller. Kohler 7 HP engine "The Cast Iron Line" sticker on the front of the engine. On the R side of the engine is Kohler Engine, Model K161T, Spec. No. 281181j, Ser. No. 7513577. Other Stickers are in bad shape and only provide safety and operating instructions, no identification. Cast on the R side of the handle base is "GARDEN WAY TH-1018". I want to take this on as a restoration project but I would like to know if parts are available. I have no Idea how long it's been since the engine was started. Thanks.

  • Watchman

    Recently was given a Horse Troybuilt tiller. Have not had any luck in finding out what year it is or model or what size and model engine. It has gardenway on the handle Serial number is 514043. It has a cast iron Koler eng. but there are no numbers left due to cover has been replaced. I know it could be a 7 or 8 hp. I think it might be late 70s or very early 80s. Can someone help me figure this out?

  • gator_rider2

    12/80 there were close to 4,000 made that month its called 4 speed has single belt that move to change speed 7 would be hp. joining yahoo group Bill Rogers old troy bilt dealer he help you out a lot on parts. Give that troybilt a good service Transmission will hold about gallon 85w-140 fill hold you take off handle bars T fill through that hold tiller level plug on side remove that fill to point old oil look like crap as housing will make water over years. The tiller name is TroyBilt.

  • foolishpleasure

    When it comes to tellers I am pulling my hair off I bought a teller called HUSQVARNA FT900. from sears. It has one speed and reverse. It works good when it works. The dam thing spends more time at the shop more than it spends at my house. Every time I want to start it I have to take to sears shop to put in new carburetter. The guy at the shop told me because the gas has Ethanol it destroys the carburetor and he suggested bottle of gas they sell for 6 dollars. I found that to dig my garden it cost me 1000 to buy the Dam gas. Husqvarna did not adjust their engine for the Ethanol and cheated their customers. I am stuck with a dead tellir. Never but Husqvarna product again.

  • loger_gw

    Have you thought about purchasing StaBil or other fuel additives to treat your fuel (vs purchasing treated fuel or fuel w/o corn)? IMO, StaBil Works!! This could be a fuel issue vs a product. Do you have other 2-cycle equipment performing good on the fuel the Husky had problems with?

  • mikefrancisfordtown

    As for my Garden Way by Troy Bilt the model # and serial # are stamped into the side of the value cover.

  • eyeman250

    I just bought a Troy Built Horse tiller with a Koler 8hp Magnum electric start moter and I think the ser# says 054681 or its 084681 label worn hard to read. I was wondering the age of it and if parts are still available?

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