10x12 hfgh

14 years ago

Greetings everyone,

For those of you that have and installed this Harbor Freight Greenhouse I have a few questions if all of you would be so kind to answer.

First, if I get 2x2's for the foundation, how did you all secure that to the ground?

Second, I get Charley's Greenhouse Catalog, but what clamps are you referencing? Could somone show me the link?

Thanks alot!

MY greenhouse is due to arrive here very shortly unless it is on backorder again.

I am so excited that I could spit, but I want to install it peroperly so the winds do not blow it away. Ya know like in the Wizard of Oz!!!!! He he!!

Thanks again!

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  • gardenerwantabe
    14 years ago

    You should use 4X4 treated timbers or larger. Even 6X4 won't be overkill. I used metal fence posts in all four corners. here is a link the clips

    Here is a link that might be useful: Glazing clips