Greenhouse maintenance (pics)

15 years ago

My wife and I, the good squirrels that we are, cleaned our greenhouse today. The major area of concern to us, given our location on the coast and the prevalence of mold and mildew in our environment, was to eliminate major sources of algae bloom in the greenhouse. The majority of this algal growth was found in the lower edge channels of the roof panes of polycarbonate on our harbor freight greenhouse.

The first thing I did was to unscrew the screws I used to tie down the polycarbonate panels at the lower end, undo the clips along the sides, and pop up the panel. We then sprayed water into the top end of the channels to flush them.

Picture of the gunk in channels


We then used a toothbrush to clean the channels, top and bottom of the polycarbonate panels, and the lip on which the panels rested. Here is a pic of this step.


Next step was to use a toothpick to get any algae we could not get otherwise (accompanied by more water into the top of the channels so it ran down the inside of the channels.)


Final cleaning step was to spray Tilex cleaning solution (to control mold and mildew and algae) into the channels.


I finished by replacing the screws and clips. We had experimented with this method earlier this year. The areas we had sprayed remained much cleaner for six months afterward. Anyone else have a cleaning regimine for your greenhouse you'ld care to share? All the best, Jim

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