HFGH debate (inner)

13 years ago

Okay Ive switched my mind several times now regarding the purchase of a 10 X 12 HFGH. I live in South Florida and in all reality dont need a green house for growing or over wintering plants.

However I want it to just grow Aroids (alocasia, colocasia, xanthosoma, anthruriums) so a shade house would probably work better. The problem is I live in a corner house in an area that is very windy (which my aroids dont like). So I figured the greenhouse would work better to protect the plants from the wind and over watering from rain.

But then of course I would have to cover the top of the greenhouse with shade cloth material. Oh and thats not even thinking about the next hurricane to blow threw here would probably level my greenhouse. DAMN!!! Im still undecided!!!!

So what do you all think? Or what do others like me do in South Florida. Your opinion and thoughts would help.


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  • milwdave
    13 years ago

    Personally, in your situation? I'd go with a lath or shadehouse. The lath on the sides should do quite a bit to cut the wind and if you're trying to shield lants from excess water you could try a fiberglass or polycarb roof. Just my $0.02 worth. I'd LOVE to be in your position...LOL


  • beescorner
    13 years ago

    We found a greenhouse tubing bender on ebay $39.00. I checked out the seller and their feed back on the benders was good. It does indeed work great and fast just like they say. We built our 10x20 hoophouse using steel tubes used for fence toprail for under 300.00 plastic covering and door. In your location all you need is the frame then tie shade cloth to it. It should block most of the wind to. They have a web site also lostcreek greenhouses I think the bender prices are higher on their web site but still worth. I'll have to look it up.

  • Karen Pease
    13 years ago


    If you're concerned about winds, there's one easy solution for dealing with them: don't block them.

    Make your greenhouse or shadehouse something that's easy to get the glazing/insulation off of. If a storm is approaching, take it off, bring it and the plants inside, then wait it out. The bare frame should have very little wind resistance. Just make sure it's anchored! :)