urgent question on hfgh!!

10 years ago

So I am thinking of getting a 10x12 HFGH tomorrow. I see many threads on it here .... seems either you love it or not. But my urgent question is in the summer, can any of the panels be removed easily so that you can use the space for growing but not as a greenhouse? For instance, can the top panels be removed to allow heat out in addition to the four vents?

I want to put it in an area that gets quite hot in the summer but it will not be near to power to run fans. I would want to basically convert it into a screen house in the summer. For instance, drape the walls or open windows and doors with bird netting so that I can grow in it year round and keep birds off.

We are having a terrible problem with quail so I am trying to find a structure that can function both as a greenhouse and a 'bird cage' only in this case, keeping the birds OUT. My garden is small so it can't accommodate a hoop house as the curves of the hoops reduce the growing space too much. Otherwise, I will need to just net individual raised beds but so far, the quail are just scooting under the netting!

So if anyone has used the greenhouse as a dual purpose, I would love to know how and what you are doing! :)


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