HFGH vs Juliana

13 years ago

I have looked through many posts but still have the question as to whether the Juliana is worth the extra money over the HFGH? Juliana looks to have a 10 mm double poly vs 4mm single poly?

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  • jimmydo2
    13 years ago

    Well I think The HF is Double wall, not single wall.

    It looks like the Juliana door might be sealed better

    Personaly I like the Higher Sidewalls of the HF Greenhouse.

    But I really do not think the two Greenhouses are in the same neighborhood at all. With the Juliannas costing 3-5 times as much as the HF Greenhouses. The thicker Poly should help on keeping heat in, but I do not know by how much

  • agardenstateof_mind
    13 years ago

    I have a HFGH and Jimmydo2 is correct, it has 4mm twinwall polycarbonate.

    I see from a look at the Juliana site that their basic greenhouses are also 4mm twin-wall, upgrading through the different series to 10mm twin-wall in the premium series.

    There must be a chart somewhere to refer to ... I wonder which would have more insulating value - a thicker twin-wall, or perhaps a triple-wall. And the relative cost/effectiveness of various thicknesses of twin, triple, quad wall, vs. solar pool cover, foam/styrofoam insulation panels and so on.

    I'll be looking for a post from nathanhurst on this one.