HFGH insulation

7 years ago

I live in Wisconsin in a zone 6a area with a 10x12 HFGH. I was going to use 3/4 inch foil faced insulation on the north wall and cover the rest of the greenhouse with 1/2 inch bubble wrap. With a minimum temperature of 0 degrees (and sometimes lower) in winter, would I be able to maintain a temperature of around 50 degrees with a couple of space heaters? Also, would the bubble wrap reflect or block a significant amount of light? If this isn't enough, what more could I do to for insulation while keeping as much light as possible going in?

The bubble wrap


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  • cole_robbie
    7 years ago

    If you know the surface area and r-value of each wall, you should be able to calculate your required BTUs. Here is one on-line calculator to help (linked below)

    Here is a link that might be useful: heat loss calculator

  • east20
    Original Author
    7 years ago

    I used the calculator in the link and it told me i needed around 20000 btu to maintain a temperature of around 50 degrees (I am not sure if I entered everything in correctly). I used another calculator on the ACF greenhouse website and it told me I only needed around 10000 btu to keep my greenhouse at 50 degrees when the temperature outside is 0 degrees.

    This is what I entered in at the ACF website

    Area 500
    Heat loss value .38 (with bubble wrap and north wall insulated)
    Minimum outside temperature 0
    Inside temperature 50

    Which one should I trust?