HFGH 10X12 cooling question

13 years ago

Has anyone build there HFGH and left the top row of polycarbonate panels off? I figure this will help cool the greenhouse since heat does rise. My question is will this make the entire structure weaker?? Or will it make it easier for the wind to blow the rest of the panels off?

I plan on covering the roof and the top side panels with 50 or 60% shade cloth.



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  • garyfla_gw
    13 years ago

    Noted that you're in zone 10 also so thought you a good person to ask some questions.
    Afraid i can't help with your questions though lol
    Why did you choose a greenhouse as opposed to a shadehouse?? Why shadecloth rather than lattice? and what type of cooling system do you intend to use?? and where did you locate from other structures.
    I'm trying to redo my 25 year old shadehouse into the perfect greenhouse and yet save a buck or two lol thanks gary

  • jimmydo2
    13 years ago

    One thing about the HF 10x12 Greenhouse. The pictures can be a bit miss-leading. There is not really a "Top Row" of Panels. Most of the Side Panels are full height of the Sides.

    THe Exception to this is on the Front of the greenhouse, where all of the panels in the apex are seperate, and on the back of the greenhouse, where THree of the panels in the apex are seperate.

    The roof panels are the same, Mostly 5 foot panels, going full length, with the exception being where the Vents are.

    Personaly, I think that with the reinforcements from this sight, the Frame is quite strong without panels, but that the panels do add strength and rigidity.

    Also when you open up a portion of any structure, you are giving the wind an access point. Most structures are designed for strenght to prevent wind from pushing in, not out from the outside, so it will require additional reinforcing.

    Unfortunatley since you are in Florida, using Evaporative cooling, like I do, really is not an efficient option for you.