HFGH front ceiling and door rails problem?

12 years ago

Putting the parts together was not a problem but the end result seems wrong.

When I start off with part #'s 25 and 27 flush on the right side then I add part # 24 then slide part # 26 tight to part # 27 Part # 26 hangs past part #24 by about a half inch or more

from the outside looking up to parts # 25 and # 27


from inside looking up at the inside section of parts #'s 24 and 25 (the gap is from sagging)


this is looking down on the left side and you can see part # 26 stuck out past part #24


Should I loosen them up and slide the door rails to the right a litle bit to even out both overhangs Do I even need to be concerned?

I guess this bothers me because on page 7 instruction 3-A it says bla bla over the heads of the bolts on the plate until right end is flush, as shown above.

The diagram at the top of page 7 clearly shows the left side flush in the inset pic.

Other then this so far the instructions have been good as long as you go with firts instincts and not try to over think them.

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