hfgh coupons

13 years ago

i planned on buying the coupons off ebay(unless somebody has some for free/trade) to get a greenhouse.what i want to know before i buy the coupons is

1.can you use more than one

2.if so can you use two 15% off coupons

3.can i use one 15% and one 10% on the same item

4.can i use a $5.00 coupon off and a % off coupon together

thanks in advance for the info

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  • mudhouse_gw
    13 years ago

    I think this is most likely up to the store personnel where you purchase. I do recall my coupon had something in the fine print saying it could not be used with any other special offer, and I worried that meant they would not apply it on top of the sale price (the gh was on sale.) But they did, no questions.

    I'd be a little surprised if they let you apply two %off coupons to the same item, but you could call them to ask before you buy the coupons.