HFGH 10 x 12 Playing in the traffic.

11 years ago

Although I have gleamed lots of info from this site for my HFGH this is my first post. Right now I'm looking for parts if anyone has any. Ran in to winds of 80mph over the weekend and lost some panels. They didn't go far the first time and were rescued. However, the second time someone lost them from the back of my truck and they were destroyed by traffic. I have e-mailed Harbor Freight and they are going to order for me. This forum says don't hold my breath. If anyone has any of the following please let me know.(#52 panel connectors qty 6) (#55 rear side panels qty 2) (#58 wall panels qty 2) (#63 front side panel qty 1) lost the right door as well but it never fit right from the start. Planned on building something for doors so not worried about them. Will send a pic of greenhouse with it's holes tomorrow. Thanks Ron

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