GH Bubble Wrap vs. Solar Pool Covers

13 years ago

This may be a dumb question...

Some folks mention using Solar Pool Covers to insulate their GH's; Others use Bubble Wrap designed specifically for GH's (a'la Charley's GH); While others use Plain Ol' (Packing Material-Type) Bubble Wrap.

Clear Solar Pool Cover 4'x8' (32 sq feet) @ $20=$1.60 sq ft

Charley's GH Bubble Wrap 2'x40' (50 sq ft) @ $50=$1.60 sq ft

Packing Material Bubba-Rap, I'm guessing, is cheaper...

What are the Pro's and Con's of each?

Anyone care to weigh-in on the subject?

I'm trying to determine if it'll be worth the effort to add insulation to my 6x8 HFGH. I'm able to maintain temps in the "Approximately 50*" realm with a 1500W/5000 BTU Outdoor Electric Heater. And I'm happy with that...

But I've also determined that said Electric Heater is running appx 5 hrs/night. I'd like to cut that down a notch or two, if I can.

I *have* weather-stripped all of the panels, and plugged as many holes as I can find (also with foam-weather-stripping) but I can't say that the GH is 100% air-tight (and I don't think I'd want it to be, anyway!).

Of late, nighttime lows have been hovering in the low-30's and I'm overwintering "marginals"/"tropicals." Our LOW-lows can dip into the 20's. But only for a handful of nights per year.

I'm happy with the temps I'm maintaining... I'm just nervous about a possible blip in the Electric Bill!

Anyway - Does anyone have any opinions on the different types of "Bubble Wrap" available? And what kind of "improvement" can I hope to gain if I do add BW to the equation?

Thanks for any insight!


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