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Endless supply of seed envelopes

16 years ago

I became more serious about seed trading in October and have been experimenting with seed envelopes. I've used plastic baggies and envelopes made from templates, etc.

A couple traders sent me seeds in folded envelopes made of a 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" piece of paper. I thought what a terrific idea. Someone mentioned making seed envelopes from catalog pages. Here 's what I have been making the past couple weeks while waiting for the cold weather:


Place seeds between the flaps, fold it dow, place a small piece of the transparent tape on the tip and the envelope is ready to go. The seeds never came out of the envelopes that I received.

Thanks to my wonderful traders, I've found another way to recycle those seed/plant catalogs. :-) The seeds won't get moldy either. Neat, huh? Pretty too.

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