Weird bud deformaties

11 years ago

I normally see a few buds like this in the spring. I believe it's from the cold. I especially see it on certain roses, mostly Falstaff and The Prince. But this year, I have it on almost all my roses. I am guessing that the late freeze we had caused this. I think it's called bullnosing or something to that effect. If the temps get cold at a certain point in their development, this will occur. So while I thought I survived the frost with loss of some existing buds, it seems that the damage is greater than originally thought. Here are some pics (sorry they are so big):




Teasing Georgia


Bon Chance

I estimate about 30-50% of the buds are like this. It's very disheartining. I already removed a lot of buds that were fried by the frost and were never going to bloom. Another first flush ruined. Oh well.

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