Don't Have Enough Containers??---Try Ziplocks.

11 years ago

I posted this a couple of years ago but lost the original post so Ill try and recreate it here.

You can make a pretty effective container using some gallon Ziploc bags and cardboard.

First you get some ZiplocÂs and make the drainage and vent holes. I used a hole punch and put holes in the locations indicated by the marks.


Then you need to cut up some cardboard (scavenged from large boxes) and cut it up into pieces that will fit inside the baggies.

This creates walls that in effect turn your floppy bag into a container that will retain its shape.

If you can get your hands on some of that corrugated plastic signage board that politicians plaster the roadsides with during elections that would be great.

You could reuse it over and over and not need nearly as much storage space to stockpile bulky jugs and bottles in the "off season"

"...does Ws'ing really have an "off season"???"


I think the dimensions need to be around 21" by 5.1/2". This allows you to form a ring of cardboard but still be able to zip the bag shut and retain a cylindrical form.

Staple the cardboard into a cylinder. You will need to be sure you cut the cardboard so the corrugations run vertically on the short axis.

If it runs longitudinally it makes the cardboard very difficult to form into a cylinder.

Also if your cardboard is stiff you can make it much more pliable by working it to soften it. I would run it over whatever is handy a few times. Simply grasping each end and doing a "shoe shine" type motion will work fine.


Once the form is made I grasp it in what I called a "pretzel grip to slip it into the bag.


I would tuck the bottom corners of the bag in just for neatness.


After that you just do soil, seed, label and zip closed.

I made up a whole bunch at once and just kept them stacked up til I needed them.

Now this form (baggies in general) can be somewhat floppy.

If you were not intending to move the bags around it will be fine but if you need to move them about it could disturb things.

What I did was set the prepared bags on some cheap aluminum pans.


I poked some large holes in the pans so they would drain preventing the bags from water logging.


If I needed to move them I used a pizza peel (yeah, you read that right) I had laying around to move the whole tray.




Could be a solution for the problem of not having enough jugs or two liters.

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