What to do with leftover coffee???

10 years ago

I know that UCG work well in a compost mix, whether VC or standard pile. The question is what should I do with the leftover coffee itself. Almost every day, my wife and I generate 2-4 (sometimes 6) cups of extra coffee. We drink a ton of the stuff, but sometimes she will make some for herself (and make extra for me, expecting I want it, but I've already exceeded my quota) or vice versa. Anyway, it seems like such a waste to just throw it down the sink. I know that coffee would benefit SOMETHING in my garden, the question is what?

I think my two little blueberry bushes might be the best option. Can I just pour the excess (after it has cooled) at the base of the blueberries? Would it end up TOO acidic, even for the blueberries? Should I just pour it on the compost heap? What other applications are there for used coffee (not UCG)?

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