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Betta- I think he's dead.. what did I do wrong?

17 years ago

Got my first betta ever in August at a friend's wedding. We kept him in the bowl for several months and just upgraded him to a 2.5gal tank right before the holidays. The tank came with a Whisper internal filter and within a month the tank got real moldy/algae like. So I decided to change the water an hour ago. I put him in a tiny bowl with some Epsom salt (was told that it would be good for constipation) since it's been awhile since I noticed any poop in the tank (maybe it gets collected into the filter?). I left him in there for about 15min while cleaning the tank. Anyhow, I cleaned the tank, etc and added fresh warm water with water conditioner and put him back in. Well, he was flipping out.. swimming like he was dizzy, vertically, backwards, upside down, etc. At one point, he got suctioned under the filter (the first time I've seen it happen) and I had to get him out of the mess. But his condition didn't seem to improve so I decided to put him back into the small bowl where he currently is lying on his back.. So, I gather he's dead (or probably close to it) and I'm extremely saddened by this. I don't understand what I did wrong considering he never really had a problem like this before and never reacted like this when I changed his water in the past. Is there any hope for the little guy at this point???

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