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Buddha's Hand Citron

16 years ago

Hey, I've always loved the bizzare fruit that comes from a Buddah's Hand Citron (its like a supersweet lemon, but its all skin in long finger like tendrils attached to the stem, very strange). On a lark, I went to Baker's Nursery in PHX and they had them there in 2 gallon pots, grafted for only 15 bucks. I bought one and put it in a large pot, and have it on my porch where it gets direct sunlight in the afternoon and broken sunlight all morning.

Got about 5 buds and about 35 leaves, hope to replant in the yard in a year or two.

Anyone else ever try to grow this strange citrus? BTW, it makes a great air freshener, you put the fruit in the house and squeeze a finger and its very lemony scented.

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