Killing Bamboo with Salt

12 years ago

I'm purchasing a house where the backyard is covered with running bamboo. I've been researching how to kill it.

Salt seems like the best idea to me. There is nothing back there except live oak tree (good with salinity) and bamboo. I would like to cut down the stalks, get some salt pellets and spread it throughout the ground and then water.

The ground is sloped so I would dig a trench at the bottom of the slope and repeatedly water so the salt will run down to the trench- then remove that soil. Spread a thin layer of topsoil and put down zoysia grass (also does well with salinity).

Any comments on the effectiveness of this? How much salt would I need to put down? How long will it take to permanently kill it? I'd have 6-9 months to let to go before needing to plant the grass.



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