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Propagating Mangrove

November 30, 2004

Hello all -

I need to put in some mangrove plants along the banks of a canal that runs through our property. I would like to know if mangroves can be propagated through cuttings. Is this possible? I don't have access to seeds right now.

Thank you!

Comments (2)

  • fishpond_boy

    G'doc -

    I cannot speak to whether or not they will grow from cuttings. I do know that I have seen them growing in the wild and they *always* start from seed. I have never heard of anyone propagating the plant from cuttings, but that doesnt mean its impossible. If you can get a cutting from someone in the Phillipines, that surely means you can get some seeds, right? In my limited experience, mangroves will grow great from seed and are easy to care for.

    The best type of seed to start with is one that is already starting to sprout with a leaf or two. While the mangrove grows slowly, they are hearty and it will take quite an effort to kill these plants.

    One note of caution: be sure you really want mangroves in your canal. I dont know if they have mangroves already existing in the Phillipines, but if not, then be prepared to limit the spread of the plant. Because of its heartiness, it can spread out, choke your waterways, and create land in areas where you never meant it to.

    I live in Hawaii where all these effects are looked upon as very negative. Maybe its a different story in the Phillipines so they may be a moot point. Just trying to help.

    Good luck.

    Fishpond Boy

  • Kate

    fishpond_boy, I am in Hawaii Kai. You seem to know a lot about mangroves. I am looking for a mangrove called Clerodendrum Inerme / Volkameria Inermis. It is native to India and some of the Pacific Islands. I know it is in Hawaii, but I have only been able to locate on Maui.

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