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Cannas on ebay

15 years ago

Are any of you canna experts familiar with this canna? I did buy some of these seeds and they are blooming right now and look exactly like the picture. I was just wondering if they really are rare and if that is the real name. I know how some of the ebay sellers can be. I can't find anything anywhere on it.

Thanks! Roxanne

Here is a link that might be useful: Canna Seeds Compacta subsp. Cinabina

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  • redsnowflake
    15 years ago

    I have no first hand knowledge, but here is what I could piece together:

    I googled "Canna Cinabina". Google asked me if I meant "Canna Cinnabarina". It also gave me a Wikipedia entry that stated the same thing the seller did:

    "A vigorous Canna species, medium size to 130cm (4'); broad, light-green foliage, with distinctive darker and lighter green veins throughout; orchid-like blooms, erect bright golden yellow with bright orange-red specks; an upright vase-like profile. Starts blooming in early spring when the plant is only 30cm (12") tall, and continues non-stop until frost. Native to Colima, Mexico."

    You never know about Wikipedia entries, but if you'd like to see the entire entry, here is the link:


    I decided to see what came up when telling google, yes, I meant "Canna Cinnabarina".

    One of the links was a Dave's Garden entry. It said a synonym for "Canna Cinnabarina" is "Canna indica var. Maculata". So, I decided to search for that. LOL - this is getting complicated.

    Anyway - the Dave's Garden link is here:


    Searching for "Canna Maculata" got me a Karshesky's entry that states it is a shorter medium height, yellow with red speckles bloomed, medium light green leaved canna that is native to tropical and subtropical areas. Below is a link to that page:


    It's a lot of guesswork, and I may have led you completely astray, but the Canna Maculata sounds a lot like the Canna "Cinabina" you found on eBay. Just a matter of misspelling another name for the Canna Maculata.

    As crazy as all the above is, I hope it helped. It's 6:00 in the morning and I can't sleep, so if none of it makes sense, please accept my apologies. :)

  • william_illinois
    15 years ago

    The botanist Nobuyuki Tanaka published a revision of the genus Canna in 2001. He described this plant as Canna indica var. maculata. The botanist Paulus Johannes Maria Maas is reportedly going to publish a further revision of the genus. It is known that Dr. Maas believes many of the species that Dr. Tanaka listed are merely agricultural varieties of the type species Canna indica.

    The name "Canna compacta subsp. cinabrina" is a bit of nonsense started by Yuccadoo Nursery. Per Dr. Tanaka, the species Canna compacta is the commonly grown plant that many people call Canna 'Robert Kemp' and is not related to this plant.