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Celosia for butterflies

11 years ago

This is a nice annual for butterflies, very showy, heat tolerant, and easy to grow. I don't know what kind of celosia it is. I dumped a bunch of really old seeds from my seed box one year and a few came up, then I eventually saved seeds from one that the butterflies were attracted to. This year I planted seeds from that one plant and they were all the same color and all butterfly friendly. They range in height from 15 inches to 3 feet. The ones I watered the most grew tallest but they all survived our heat and drought.

I've seen lots of Buckeyes, Hairstreaks, and skippers on them, a Monarch a few times, and a Painted Lady once. Swallowtails and Frits ignore them. Wasps and bumblebees love them, but so far have been so busy in the blooms that they haven't stung me.

If I'm able to collect seeds later this summer/fall, I'll share some if anyone is interested. The seeds are tiny and I think I could just send them in a regular envelope.

I tried to put some photos on Photobucket this morning but I keep getting an "unknown error" so I'll have to use Gardenweb's upload thing and put them on there one at a time.

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