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questions about my cape sundew

July 27, 2007

I just bought a cape sundew from cobraplant.com, and have some questions about my plant.

What is this growing at the base of my plant. Its very small.moss maybe?


What is this is it just a plain leaf? none of the other new leaves are rolled up like this.


And this is just a pic of the whole plant.


There are two plants in the pot and the roots are coming out the bottom of the pot.

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  • hunterkiller03

    The rolled up leaf is a flower scape, it will contained up to 20 flowers along the length of the scape and the scape will grow up to a foot long As it unfurls flowers will be opening one after the other, the previous will die while a new one pops open. Each flowers of cape sundew will last a day before withering, but once it petals die, its flowerÂs ovary will swell up with seed about a week and turn black.

    You are going to have lots of seeds of cape sundew. You can use it to exchange for plants or seeds from other growers or donate them to ICPS for credits on seed of other species of CP. Unless you want to have garden of cape sundews, they almost grow like weeds.

    Now the moss, look like to be a plantlet of sphagnum moss because it look stringy and its leave feathery. If roots are coming out from the bottom of the pot, it means it needs a bigger pot. Cape sundew, have long root systems and like to dig deep into the soil.

  • poolboy101

    They are self pollinated? I thought most cp's needed male and female plants.

  • mutant_hybrid

    Cape sundews, and most sundews as a matter of fact, along with Venus Flytraps, all self-pollinate. Cape sundews are the masters of self-pollination cloning. Your gonna have 100s of seeds soon. Mine just got done flowering too and produced 36 flowers. Just wait for the entire scape to complete the flowering cycle and let it blacken, then clip it off and crush the flowers over white paper or into a white paper cup.. You will see lots of extremely tiny seeds fall out. Just sprinkle them on sundew soil in a pot or planter and keep them misted daily and you should see hundreds of tiny round leaved seedlings in a couple of weeks. Give them a few months and they will eventually grow long strap shaped adult leaves.

    Nepenthes are the main species that need male and female plants.

    Sarracenias, Drosera adelae, Darlingtonia, and some others need cross fertilization, but both plants have male and female capacity (hermaphroditism) and so both will produce seeds after cross-pollination. Nepenthes only produce seeds from the female plant.

  • Kennith

    @Hunter, how deep do the roots grow on a cape sundew?

    What height pot should I plant mine in? 12inch or taller?

  • hunterkiller03

    Sorry about that, 'kennith'.
    They don't go deep, I've say they just stay about six inches from the surface. But they do branch a lot & withe the stem, they seem to get almost woody.

    They grow well in a six-inch pot. But when you have to repot them, you will see the roots curled into a tangled mass inside the pot. you can grow more plants from root cutting

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