just bought a flourescent light

15 years ago


My nepenthes hasnt been pitchering probably because I had to move it to 3 different places to live. It is here to stay for at least a year now, but my east facing windows don't provide much light. Only a few hours in the morning. I live in the city, so the buildings are very close to each other a block a lot of sunlight. At least I live on the top floor of my apartment.

Anyways, My nepenthes and my orchid are placed next to each other on a shelf right at the base of the window, and I just bought one of those small metal reflectors with a clamp, and put a 23 watt compact flourescent bulb in it. So it is the equivelent of 75 watts. Also, it is warm light. I bought this light because it was on sale for only $1.00! So if it isn't a good light, it's no big deal, I'll try to find a better one. Hopefully this lamp will be beneficial to the nepenthes and the orchid.

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